I show up 1 to 2 hours prior to the event (depending on back drop determines set up time) and I get everything set up. The photobooth, the props, etc. I show the host how to work it. Then I come back at the agreed upon time and make sure everything is cleaned up! Its super easy and I keep it simple.

  1. As long as your event has wifi you will get the photos instantly. If your venue does not have wifi, all photos will be sent after the event.
  2. Depending on what package is chosen the host will get an email of all the content taken or a disk.

For one year! You can save your photos on any device from the email or transfer them as you please.

Don’t worry! Reach out to me, lets get your date booked and we can worry about the details as it gets closer!

I only require deposits if you have custom props or backdrops OR if your event lands on a Holiday. The deposit is just 50% of whatever package option you choose.